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Serving the high-end, style conscious market for flatscreen TVs

Plasma & LCD Flatscreen Ltd importers of high quality plasma and LCD flatscreen monitors and TV's, Specialising in the HANTAREX range from Milan, which have been market leader in providing information displays for airports and the transport industry. Since 2001 HANTAREX have been serving the high-end, style conscious market for flatscreen TV's as furnishing for the modern apartment or hotel or retail outlet.

It's 40" LCD TV with built in Windows Media Centre Computer allows for combining of leisure and home office without the need for extra desk space or wiring. (this product was twice nominated as 'Microsoft Green Button Award' winner for excellence in design.)

For the commercial market HANTAREX offer solutions for advertising with their range of videowalls and LCD monitors, many capable of holding a PC or linking to a central server. Many hotels and pubs have benefited from the stylish 42" Outdoor Television which is dampproof, freezeproof and substantially anti-vandal. Also available for this market is the stunning 65" plasma monitor.

The most recent additions to the HANTAREX range are the 32" Full Mirror and 32" Wenge wood framed LCD TV's. Shortly the 32" will be available with a built in hard drive for recording of favourite programmes.

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