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Handcrafted Furniture Designed and Manufactured

In these days of conveyor belt, flat-pack furniture it's all too easy to forget that until recently the traditional way to obtain a piece of furniture for your home was to retain the services of a cabinetmaker. These craftsmen are highly skilled and have to train for many years in order to master the craft.

Every cut, every joint has to be perfect resulting in a bespoke piece of furniture, that is as much a work of art as it is a functional item and is something that the cabinetmaker is proud to attach his name to, secure in the knowledge he has produced something that will fit in perfectly with the clients home and lifestyle - a one-off piece that will last for countless years to come. These are traditions that we at Malahide Cabinetmakers are proud to keep alive.

We combine a wide experience in every aspect of cabinetmaking with a dedication to detail in order to meet our clients exact requirements. The initial consultation gives the customer the opportunity to discuss exactly what they need for their home as well as a budget and what materials they prefer. A quotation and detailed drawing is then presented to the client. Upon approval, the process of bringing the piece of furniture to life begins.

The various stages, from timber selection and preparation through to the machining, assembly and finishing of the piece are overseen with a meticulous attention to detail. The delivery of the finished product lets the customer realise that they have been instrumental in the creation of the piece, a piece that will only grow more beautiful with time and which can be appreciated for generations to come.

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